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Contact AOK with request:

This is the order form for a giant cookie or a cake, but you may still message me with futher requests. 

Because of the time it takes, I recommend a week to two weeks previous to when you need it to order.  I will be contacting you with a confirmation of your order and the quote on price.   I can also email you with option prices.  Please refer to my ‘Options’ page for prices on most cakes/etc.

I have a paypal account, so if you have one as well, that is the preferred/safest method of payment for online orders/shipping. I can ship limited items (mostly cookies), and for that I can tell you 12 medium sized cookies usually ship at an extra $15.00 priority 3 day. If you are around the area I have a credit card reader and prefer credit or cash. I don’t accept checks, unless you’ve ordered with me several times. Thank you, Krista.

Name *
Please check all that apply to you or your family.
Size of Cake
2nd kind of frosting
Cakes side patterns
What would you like written or drawn on cookie/cake or cupcake cake? Explain if you would like any side pattern on top of cake and in what color/ flavor.
Please let me know how many you'd like. I can do any one of the below in quantities of six.
Please let me know if you want sprinkles on your Donuts. These are the only thing in my kitchen which has soy in it. As in soy lecithin. Some with soy allergies can still have that, as it is the soy protein they are allergic to.