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Questions about food allergies and baked goods.

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Why are you not always gluten-free?

One of the things my family can have is wheat/gluten products. It is also challenging to find things my daughter likes as it is.  Until I have a separate location, I don't  want to claim to be a kitchen free of gluten or wheat. Therefore, I will make some gluten-free offerings, and definitely will by request,  and will try my best to deter cross-contamination.  However, wheat and gluten allergic persons should take precaution.  Gluten-free baked goods, especially in certain recipes will taste granular and not as smooth as an all-purpose flour.   I will make some gluten-free items from time to time, especially for the farmers market.   Again, I can make anything gluten free by request.


Most of my goods are soy-free, but I don't want to lead people astray whom are food allergic.  My kitchen is not completely soy-free, therefore if there was a tiny molecule of cross-contamination, I would feel horrible.   

WHY are your goods not completely dairy free?.

Again, many items I can make dairy free, but my family eats quite a bit of dairy.  We are out of WI.  Dairy is also, by far, the most expensive item to replace.  The frosting is dairy-free for all sugar cookies and cookies/cakes.  However, due to the sheer quantity of dairy baked in products, I will not claim to be completely dairy free. I can make some items completely dairy-free (for example my banana muffins).

ITems which are DAIRY and SOY FREE and ones that can be...

Banana chocolate chip muffins/bread (are already)

Oatmeal sunbutter cookies (can be)

Oatmeal chocolate chip cookies (can be)

Mint brownie cookies (can be)

Sunbutter cookies (can be)

I will also create an item for you if needed, by request.

What can I expect from your bakery?

Our bakery is always moist, delicious...something anyone would like to eat.  I try to make everything we make as healthy as can be.  I do my best to make a beautiful creation out of everything I bake.  I am a perfectionist, so I will contact you to run ideas by you to make the final product look better.  

Can I have you drop off your product at my house?

Please contact me directly.  There may be certain circumstances I cannot deliver, however you may pick up at our location whenever your baked good is ready and I am there.  I will give you the address.

Do you use fondant?

No I do not.  I don't particularly think it's the best flavor, nor can I use it.  The pre-made sheets, usually found at the craft store is Wilton, or some other brand that is 'made at a facility with PN, TN, and usually it contains eggs.  So I'm sorry, but I can try to make the smoothest buttercream ever!!

Can I use this as a classroom snack or for a birthday party?

You can most definitely use it as a classroom snack, as long as you don't have a dairy, soy, or gluten allergic child in the classroom/birthday.  If they are ok with you bringing it, (and again I could make it free from those allergens, I just wouldn't want that child to eat it, but it would be safer for everyone to eat it), or if they won't eat it, go ahead with order from me.  

What chocolate chips do you use?

I either use Enjoy Life, which is free of the top 8 allergens, or Guittard chocolate chips.  My husband found the yummy Guittard chips for me when I was nursing and couldn't have PN, TN, eggs, Milk, or soy and is free of these along with being gluten-free.  However, Guittard is made in a facility not safe for milk allergies, so for those with dairy allergy, I would use enjoy life instead.   

Can I have you recipe?

Not at the moment, no.  Also... if you are not a family free of the same allergens, it wouldn't make sense, as families like ours wouldn't trust your kitchen. Not that we don't trust in you, but just a molecule of peanut residue etc. is enough to set our kids off.  Thank you for the request, as I am flattered, but please let me bake for you.  :)

Can you help me with another allergy related issue?

Of course!  Please email with any questions you may have, as I feel my family has experienced so much in the past 4.5 years.  We've been through challenges...if it's something I can make in my kitchen for the challenge, I could help you out.   

What is the big problem with peanut allergies?

I have to admit I take all my daughters allergies seriously, but since she must have touched PB residue on a playground, (on top of it having horrible seasonal allergies)and then wiped her eyes and nose, and then went into anaphylaxis, I'm especially concerned about PB.   If you are allergic to peanuts, you also have a 25-40% higher chance of being allergic to tree nuts.

Do you ship to other locations?

I can charge and receive shipping info for you over the phone at the moment.  I would only ship certain foods.  For example, I will ship muffins, cookies, breads, but as for cupcakes I could ship them without frosting and put frosting in a container for you to decorate yourself.  Cakes and cookie cakes cannot be shipped.  I would use USPS for best shipping and ask you to pay the amount with proper weight.  Due to the urgency to ship food fast, I would go over with you what timing would make for the best flavor and texture.  

Do you use all natural food coloring?

I can, however, if you or your child is allergic to a certain food coloring please let me know.  Sometimes people are still allergic to the natural food colorings, and not allergic to the unnatural dyes.  I do not use Wilton products, so if you need a particularly bright cake, I do not use gel based dyes, due to the warnings on their labels regarding food allergies.