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Welcome to Always AOK Bakery.  Our goods are ALWAYS free of peanuts, tree nuts, and eggs. Our kitchen is also 100% free of peanuts(PN), tree nuts(TN), and eggs.  Our goal is to provide food allergy families some peace of mind knowing there is somewhere to go for bakery, instead having to reinvent the wheel, while not compromising on flavor.  

We have a child who is anaphylactic to peanuts, tree nuts, and eggs, therefore we know the daily struggle, and is the reason you should trust us, given we know the gravity of the situation.  We have another child that, for the 1st year, was rejecting milk and soy products.  Luckily that passed, but from that experience I know how hard it is to find products without those items in as I had to refrain from anything with them in as well.  Also, a relative has now discovered that he has Celiac disease.   With this perfect storm of allergies and sensitivities we started Always AOK Bakery.  Always diligent about every ingredient that goes into our goods, always PN, TN, and Egg free.


Our Baked Goods

We make a wide assortment of healthy and delicious muffins and sweet breads to start your days.   Our yummy cupcakes and cut-out cookies are for any occasion. Made-to-order cakes and giant cookies are for those special events.   Many items are now top 8 food allergen free, including most bakery at my farmer’s market.

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Why is our bakery special?

At Always AOK, our goods are made with care.  Many people have asked for my recipes, but even if they made my exact recipe for my daughter, I would not trust the kitchen it was made in, unless they too had a PN, TN, egg allergic child.  Even then, I know many who are not as diligent about checking labels/calling companies to verify.  My child had anaphylaxis when she was just 2 years old and it was the single most frightening moment in my life.  Since she never ingested anything when she had her episode, just wiped her face after touching a playground, I am hyper diligent.   I do not trust any packaging without a warning label. I do not trust 'made in a facility with', or 'processed on shared lines, but with an amazing cleaning in between',etc. etc. etc. 

I've called and researched all  ingredients in our food.


Allergen statement:

Our products are 100% PN, TN, and egg free.  Our baked goods are made in a kitchen which is not free of corn, wheat, soy, or gluten products.  We are able to make goods without gluten, soy, and milk, but those with allergies to gluten, soy, and/or dairy should be aware my kitchen is not 100% free of them.  However, I am very cognizant of severe food allergies and sensitivities, therefore I always use best practices. (Note: I have only one item that is not soy-free I use in my kitchen and it is a sprinkle with soy lecithin, otherwise if you have a soy allergy you are safe ordering any other product.) For ANY allergy please state in your order all and any you would like me to stay away from. Just like my daughter’s allergies, I take all allergies very seriously.

I do not use any coconut or sesame in my baked goods.   I do have banana muffins, so I cannot guarantee there is no cross contamination if allergic to bananas. 

I only use sunflower seeds in my sunbutter cookies/ sunbutter frosting. Usually at market I will refrain from having any so that there is not cross contamination while baking. My family doesn’t eat sunbutter on a regular basis, so it only comes out when baking those two items.

At market 99% of my goods are GF and vegan to cover all top 8 allergen free. I do this so that I only have one or two items which have flour and butter…these items are made in a separate bowl, use different mixers, etc. from what I use with my GF and Vegan items. If you ask me to do an order for you I will designate a certain day for my kitchen to be cleaned top to bottom and completely free of Gluten or Dairy, just like I do when I’m preparing for the Farmer’s Market.


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Our AOK story

Together my girls and I make up AOK. My first child is the peanut, tree nut, and egg anaphylactic child. My second child was sensitive to milk and soy while I was nursing. So at one time, I was PN, TN, egg, soy, and dairy free. So together we are AOK.


Our kitchen is 100% free of peanuts, tree nuts, and eggs.

However, it is not a gluten, soy, or dairy free facility.

If interested, please request gluten, soy, or dairy-free . 



'I tried your maple muffin yesterday.


So good!

It was yummy, and again, wasn't heavy! Love!'

Kristin D.